I get it—we’re talking about cake—ultimately a thing you eat for five minutes then never think about again. However, riddle me this, bride & groom, can you make a wedding cake? Do you possess the skill-set to hand craft fondant flowers, or accurately etch symmetrical details into something that, at the end of the day, stands like a piece of art at the center of your wedding?

Probably not. I tell couples constantly, think of your wedding cake as art. Not every baker will make a wedding cake, only the ones with that special skill-set, and skill-sets usually cost money. It’s helpful for couples to know that the simplest wedding cake starts around US$800. The more technical you want it, the more tiers you would like, the higher the price tag.

My advice is to look at your budget, think about what matters to you and adjust your expectations. Wedding cakes are expensive and if you want one, you’re going to pay for it.