Firstly….and this might be a given….you need to get yourself a wedding planner!

Not for the obvious reasons like you need someone to coordinate all the moving parts, but for the reasons that only become apparent on the day itself. 

Many brides and grooms have complicated relationships with their families and friends. Weddings tend to be the emotional events where these issues bubble to the surface. A wedding planner, being a completely outside person, is the one you need to use as your human shield.

I have had brides tell me that they don’t want to see their mothers until right before they walk down the aisle, because their mother’s will make them anxious. I have had brides who can’t be in the same room as their bridesmaids because of drama. You name the complicated situations--I have had them! And guess what? As the wedding planner, I have managed to quell all the storms, explain to all involved that for today alone, nothing matters, and rally around the happy couple enough to usher them into marital bliss. Yes, wedding planners do that too. 

In addition to procuring a top wedding planner, I’d encourage you to choose a cracker-jack glam squad. Hair and make-up people who exude positivity and praise can be the best beginning to a beautiful wedding day. 

And remember, there’s nothing wrong with a glass of bubbly and some gangster rap while you wait, to help take the edge off.