While love has no limits, pocketbooks are not as flexible. Every day couples come to me looking for ideas to cut costs without sacrificing the magic of the day. From experience, I can advise them on what counts and what ‘can cut’ as we say in Jamaica. Today, I’d like to share this info with you.

Things to Cut:

Guest List: This is a tough one. Here’s my advice: write 3 guest lists: A, B and C. Your A list should be composed of the friends and family members who you’d invite over to dinner. These are the people who you enjoy sitting across a table from, engaging in meaningful conversation. Don’t worry about protocols or hurt feelings, just write the list. Now, your B list will expand to people who have to be invited because you invited those people. Finally, your C list encapsulates every person who has played a role in your life to date. When you’re finalizing your budget, you will have a better idea of the ideal guestlist to suit your budget.

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Lighting & Decor: Decor can always be simplified if you choose a beautiful (flat) venue. A place that doesn’t require much enhancement to create beautiful picture opportunities. Lighting, however, is something that couples often forget about. It doesn’t matter how beautiful a venue is in the dark. Lighting can be expensive. My advice: consider a morning wedding. I’ve seen couples go as far as a sunrise wedding with a breakfast reception. You’ll also save on liquor costs because guests drink far less in the day than they do at night.


Venue Costs: If you have a tight budget, consider using a venue that you don’t have to pay for. Backyard weddings are both nostalgic, personal and romantic. If you can rent a venue for a discounted fee, that’s also a great option too.






Things to Keep

Photographer/ Videographer: A wedding lasts a day, but photos and video last a lifetime. Don’t skimp when it comes to capturing your memories. These are the only reminders of your special day. You can never re-do them. Spend the money where it counts.


Your Appearance: You want to look and feel your best on your big day! Make sure that you hire a dynamite make-up and hair team that will sail you glamorously from Miss to Mrs. Ensure that you dress fits and all details are taken care of before your big day.


Your Sanity: Remember, this is a celebration of love. If the budget is too tight or the family feuds get too loud, focus on what really matters: you and your fiance are beginning your life together. Your sanity is non-negotiable. That’s what wedding planners are for--let us handle it for you!