Cocktail Hours are the waiting room of weddings—but they don’t have to be boring. As the Couple disappear to take photos, here are 6 things you can do to keep your guests jolly as they anticipate your return!


1. Keep Cocktail Hour Short & Sweet: An hour means an hour. Don’t allow this part to drag. Take as many family photos as possible before the wedding so you have less to shoot in this time. It’s efficient and ensures you have great photos as well as happy guests.


2. Silence is Not Golden: Cocktail Hours are a great time to offer live entertainment like a band or a singer. Depending on your tastes, you could even include a games or an entertaining Emcee. It’s only an hour so you can play to your crowds’ interests. The more creative the better!


3. Open Bar Starts Here: Customized cocktails are cute, but not every man wants a tropical, fruity drink on his arm. Wine is great, but not everyone drinks it. For the enjoyment of ALL your guests, I recommend offering a mix of signature wedding cocktails, wine and a full open bar. That way nobody feels left out.


4. Feed Your Guests: Wedding ceremonies can be long and guests often feel peckish in the face of all that unbridled love. Make sure you have enough hors d’oeuvres to tide your guests over until the reception meal is served.


5. Provide Some Seating: Some members of your party won’t want to stand for an hour, so make sure to provide some seating options nearby for those who prefer to sit. This can include comfy couches, casual benches (if it’s that type of wedding) or simple chairs around the perimeter of the cocktail space.


6. Tie Up Loose Ends: The Cocktail  Hour is the perfect time to allow your guests to finalize details. This is when they might sign your guest book, find out what table they’re assigned to in the reception or even swap their fancy footwear for flip flops. Your cocktail hour can serve as a useful opportunity to help your guests prepare for what comes next!