Here’s a list of the 5 most common bridal regrets I’ve heard during my career as a Wedding Planner as well as a few of my own! Take heed new brides! Learn from those who came before you because you want to enjoy your wedding day as much as possible. 


Focusing on Other’s Wants and Ignoring your own:  Maybe you always dreamed of a church wedding or a live band or an elegant seated, plated meal at your wedding. When it comes to planning however, your parents, aunts, uncles, or even future in-laws don’t think it’s a good idea. Listen: you’re the bride. This is your day. If you’ve always dreamed of having a certain element involved in your dream wedding, don’t allow others to bully or guilt you out of it.

Not Eating at the Wedding: Many Brides get caught up in the euphoria of their wedding day and forget to eat. Hey Bride: you spent a lot of time and money on your wedding food, the least you can do is slow down for ten minutes and actually taste it. Your guests will wait. You have all night to mingle and greet. This is your day, and you deserve to enjoy it as much as everyone else.


Drinking Too Much: The mistake that usually follows from not eating at your wedding, is drinking too much. I’ve had brides pass out and go missing during wedding receptions because they drank on an empty stomach. I’ve spent evenings holding a brides’ hair back as she tried not to throw up all over her beautiful wedding gown.

Make sure to eat and also take care when you drink. Nobody wants to black out and forget their wedding day!



Not having a rain plan: Rain is a common occurrence on a tropical island. Your wedding planner will have suggestions but ultimately, the decision is yours. I’ve never had a bride regret having a tent at their wedding, even when it didn’t rain.

Consider not only your wedding hours, but the 24 hours leading up to your event. If a tropical downpour occurred the day before your wedding, its very possible that your beautiful grassy area will devolve quickly into a mud pit. It takes 24 hours for a team to establish a tent area with proper flooring and no team can work in the rain. Plan for this likelihood and you will never have to deal with scrubbing mud out of your lace wedding gown.

Assuming 10% of your Guests Won’t Attend: Brides always assume that 10% of their guest list won’t come so they over-invite. Unfortunately, this can lead to some overcrowding issues on the day of the wedding. Especially during Covid-19, people are antsy to leave their homes and they have nothing else planned. Assume that everyone you invite to your wedding will come and invite accordingly.