........if she hopes to remain friends with the bride after the wedding.

When a bride chooses her bridesmaids, she bestows an honor onto them, akin to the sacred oath of sisterhood. She’s saying: I trust that you’ll be my sounding board, watch my back and care about me enough to put my needs first on my wedding day.

Often times, however, Bridesmaids get caught up in the emotions that go along with a wedding and can sometimes forget this unspoken contract they’ve agreed to uphold. The result: they  ruin the day for the bride and ultimately their friendship.

I’ve seen many good friendships fall at the wayside in the wake of weddings. Trust me, it’s not pretty!

That’s why I’ve gone ahead and listed the 4 Key Things that Bridesmaids Must Remember if they hope to remain friends with the Bride AFTER the wedding. Hopefully when you’re asked to be a bridesmaid, you’ll live by them!

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  1. It’s Not About You: Whatever personal crisis you have going on in your life, when it comes to the wedding day, your Bride needs you to put it aside and put her needs first. Tomorrow, it can be about you again, but on the wedding day, the Bride must come first.


  1. No Meltdowns Allowed: A Bride chooses her bridesmaids from different parts of her life, so it’s very likely you’ll be teamed up with fellow bridesmaids that you don’t know or even don’t like. Please—see Number 1 and keep the meltdowns at home. You don’t have to like your fellow bridesmaids, but you do have to work with them to make your bride’s day the happiest day of her life!


  1. Don’t Fight with Your Boyfriend: When a friend gets engaged, it can create ripples throughout the relationships of her unmarried friends. Many arguments have been sparked between couples at weddings—especially bridesmaids! Your day will come, but until then, please save your relationship drama for AFTER the bride has left on honeymoon. You have the rest of your life to threaten your boyfriend, don’t do it on the dancefloor at your best friend’s wedding.


  1. Don’t Get Drunk: Weddings are fun, but remember, you’re on the job. Do not drink to the point of sloppy intoxication. No bride wants to spend her wedding day holding her bridesmaid’s hair back as she pukes into a toilet. Take your time, pace yourself and remember it’s not about you!
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