From the minute they get engaged to the day of the wedding, Brides and Grooms spend 90% of their waking hours planning. They do cake tastings and food tastings. They stock their bars, tour venues and deliberate over DJs. They fuss over hemlines and pocket squares, while simultaneously ‘shredding for the wedding’.

However, there are 3 SUPER important elements of a wedding that couples often overlook:

Wedding Invitations: Your wedding invitation sets the tone for your Big Day. You can’t choose a Paperless Post Invite and be surprised when guests wear jeans to your black-tie event. You can’t be mad if you send an invitation with seashells and a sunset in the background, then complain that your guests didn’t wear jackets to your wedding.

The look and feel of your invitations provide subtle directives to your guests about how you expect them to appear on your big day and what kind of atmosphere they can expect to enjoy. Take time to really consider the look and feel of your wedding invitation and how it might be interpreted by your guests. Something as small as Font size might throw your whole mood off!

Bathrooms: Maybe it’s human nature, but couples rarely think about the bathrooms they provide for their guests. You spend all this money on décor and food, but then relegate your guests to these dingy, dark and dirty bathrooms, which utterly burst the romantic bubble you’re trying to create.

Bottom line: bathrooms matter! The same attention you show your tablescapes should also be shown to your bathroom area. Think of bathrooms as an opportunity to thank your guests for taking part in your special day. You can offer baskets of mints, hair ties, bug spray, perfume or even personalized tissue packets so that each guest knows you considered their every comfort when planning your big day.

You can dress it up with fabric and flowers to create a soothing environment. Your call! As long as you give it some attention before the guests start ditching the festivities early because they need to use the loo!


Don’t Forget to Feed Your Vendors: Photographers, videographers and other vendors who are on-site for your wedding for 8 hours or more, need to be given food and drink. When budgeting for food, please take this into consideration. Vendors are people too, and you will need to ensure that they are strong, healthy and able to keep up with the fast pace of your wedding events!